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I help
overcome their creative challenges

My creative profession started with
my love for color theory.

You probably want to know a little more about me. So, let me introduce myself: I am a creative professional, designer, producer, and self-proclaimed style-nista. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you are probably most interested in my professional and educational background, so continue to read below.

My educational background is in video and audio production and website design. I received my bachelor of fine arts degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta in Dunwoody, GA where I majored in Digital Media Production.  Most recently I earned my Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification from Adobe University for the Creative Cloud.


My professional career started in the wedding industry as a formal videographer with a photography company.  I truly enjoyed my time there and I still say that it was the best place I could have started my career. I honed my management and organizational skills, editing and motion graphics, and did some designing while there. It was a supportive and friendly work environment that allowed me to stretch my wings and fly…corny, I know.

Since that time, I've developed a multiple awarded wedding videography company on a part-time basis (did it part-time since college), by choice. Within 4 years of being the leader of own my brand, we were recognized within the top 20 wedding videography companies in Georgia for great customer satisfaction as well as receiving a slew of reputable reviews. I love the creative freedom, although I could probably do it without the extra stress that sometimes comes with it. 


In corporate America, I've done everything from producing videos, website designs, digital ads, and social media design to more traditional designs like style guides, business cards, and brochures. I approach my projects from the viewer's perspective and say, “what will make this video, graphics, or website more effective and memorable?” If I feel it will not convert to sales, engagement, etc., then it is worthless. My understanding of trends plays a key role in my creative storytelling.

The agency environment is like no other. However, I adapted quickly to the fast pace and high demand for quality and quick results.  My main goal was to create a creative department that will generate an additional revenue stream. And that's what I did.  Two years later in the role as the Creative Director, I've built the entire creative department that services website development and design, logo and branding, print/promotional materials, and more, hired a staff of graphic designers, and increased the company's net gross by 67%. Yes, I was busy.  I succeeded in doing what I enjoy, helping people  (companies) solve their creative challenges.  

Why do people like me? Because I am easy to work with, prompt, upbeat and I know what I’m doing. Toot, toot goes my horn.  Having read all of that, you might wonder if I think I’m perfect. Absolutely not! I’m not perfect. One thing I know, however, is this:  My background, experience, and competence in video and design are a perfect fit for you and your business!


So, take a look around the site. Read a little and view my work., if you are in need of a star performer, give me a shout.  I may just be the (wo)man you need!


What Clients Say

Arnitra and her team have such a passion for their job and go the extra step for their clients, and our videos were everything we hoped for and more; they captured every detail of our day. Thanks to Arnitra, we have the most perfect videos of our day – ones that we will always cherish.

Ashley Moore, The Knot Bride

What's your creative challenge?

Website Design

Website design is crucial in creating a positive user experience and attracting visitors to a website.

Digital Marketing

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate revenue and build strong customer relationships.


Videography has become an essential tool in various fields, such as film marketing and advertising, journalism, education, and entertainment.

Adobe Training

Adobe Creative Cloud training provides in-depth knowledge of Adobe's suite of creative tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Creative Direction

Creative direction involves guiding the overall vision and strategy for a creative project, such as advertising campaigns, films, or brand identities.

Social Media

Effective social media management requires a deep understanding of each platform's unique audience, algorithm, and content format.

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