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Visualizing the journey

Our visual redesign consisted of translating dozens of wireframes into a living, breathing, mobile-friendly website with custom graphics and easy to browse editorial content.

Smashing the old,
serving up a new look.

Guided Therapeutics, Inc. has developed a rapid and painless testing

platform for the early detection of disease that leads to cancer based on its patented biophotonic technology. Leading in technology but they were dated with their online presence.  I added some that excited me through playful colors and a simpler website layout.


Guided Therapeutics


Creative Direction

Web Designer

Logo Design


Uncovering the journey

My user-centered design approach started by creating the journey typical Guided Therapeutics users take and the flows they follow to complete their objectives.  Creating wireframes gives a realistic view of the website prior to development.

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Like What You See?

Companies hire me to take risks and inject creativity that differentiates their brand.

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