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Collaborating with this remarkable force was an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Ariane Ellsberry, on her path to Instagram stardom, managed to maintain a strong connection with her dedicated fan base. As Atlanta's top-producing realtor, with a remarkable sales record of 20 million dollars, she expanded her organic and loyal following through engaging vlogs on her YouTube channel. Transitioning swiftly to Instagram, her fanbase followed suit, but Ariane recognized the need for a brand identity refresh for her new social platform.


Ariane Ellsberry


Creative Direction




Refreshing this logo breathes new life into this brand's identity. By carefully updating the design while maintaining its essence, this logo refresh helps modernize the brand's visual representation. It attracts renewed attention, resonates with a contemporary audience, and signals a brand's evolution while preserving its gold tones. 

Invigorate a brand's image

Increase in engagement

A personal brand refresh allowed Ariane to connect with her audience in a new and engaging way, capturing their attention and showing her commitment to educating her team, showing grace, and beautiful homes.


The elevation gave her brand a chance to make a stunning impression and reinvigorate her brand's presence in the realtor market.

Empowering journey
of self-discovery and growth.


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