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Defining their Meaning
of Luxury Skin Care

SkinEthics announced its new business plan of opening a storefront servicing the high demanding skincare industry.  We immediately started brainstorming to develop a campaign that exudes their mission "Embrace your strongest power, confidence"  We designed a glamorous logo that shimmered with gold attributes and paired that with a classic black backdrop.  The goal was to draw clients into the website through the emotions of feeling beautiful in your skin.




Creative Direction

Logo Design

Brand Creator

Web Design

Interior Design

Executing the brand  

They wanted to craft a modern and elegant brand identity with the potential of becoming iconic.  After researching the industry I found that most medspas follow a very similar design aesthetic for their branding—muted earth tones colors,  sterile font selections, and medical stock photography expressing medical procedures.  I wanted to add Lux with imagery where skin makes the statement.

The new SkinEthics identity and website debuted and the launch was celebrated as a success by all stakeholders.


Maintaining an engaging social platform empowered us to
naturally, drive traffic to the

After the launch, there was an impressive 81% surge in new session visitors within a span of two months.


Proven acceleraction
of website preformance

- More website visits
- Increasing page views
- Analytics shows active viewers
- Implemented good SEO

Reaching unprecedented levels in branding excellence.

The brand went beyond its digital presence and expanded into physical spaces. The clients wholeheartedly embraced the new branding and adorned their storefront with luxurious elements that perfectly conveyed the essence of high-end skincare.


We utilized key visual elements from the brand identity to create a unique customer experience.

To maximize the impact of the grand opening event, we initiated a targeted campaign on various social platforms. The primary goal was to generate buzz and encourage guests to attend the event. We utilize enticing taglines, incorporating gifts, and giveaways into our promotional strategy. These tactics proved highly effective feedback, resulting in an impressive response of 100+ RSVPs.

As they grow...

As the creative director for their social presence, I have implemented the following strategies for SkinEthic Medspa:

  • Customer Acquisition: I have devised marketing campaigns that effectively attract new customers to SkinEthic Medspa. These campaigns emphasize the unique value proposition of their services, setting them apart from their competitors.

  • Competitive Advantage: Through ongoing branding efforts, I have highlighted SkinEthic Medspa's unique selling points and showcased the exceptional benefits they offer. This further establishes their position as a provider of luxury skincare.

  • Customer Experience: Recognizing the importance of relatability, I have emphasized the sharing of customer experiences through video and written testimonials. By featuring these testimonials, potential customers can gain insight into the exceptional service provided by SkinEthic Medspa.


"Introducing the SkinEhtics website. We absolutely LOVE IT! Hope everyone

enjoys it as much as we do. Our site speaks about who we are as a practice."

-Karen & Deliah

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